Agricultural warfare and food shortages: are we under attack?

Supporters of Kaiho recently alerted us to a Yahoo news article which reports that residents in the US have been receiving unsolicited seeds in the mail from China.

Mysterious seeds mailed from China

See the original report from Yahoo News here

At Kaiho we believe part of the problem with mainstream media is that they tell you 'what' is happening but not the 'why' and certainly not the 'who benefits from this'. And I suppose it would be easy enough to just brush this article aside and move onto a more interesting one, right?


What is actually going on here? Why are people receiving these in the mail from China? And who benefits?

The seeds look harmless enough, right?

Over at In Pursuit of Truth (IPOTS), Patrick Mack went deep into this and what the resulting investigation leads to is both shocking and disturbing for the whole world. Watch below (the story finished around the 9:36 mark).

Is this evidence of an attack by China on the US? Invasive species destroy crops and ultimately destroying food supplies?

On the surface, not such a significant story but with the right amount of investigative journalism (distinctly lacking in the mainstream media) it appears countries around the world could be under threat from agricultural / germ warfare as you sit here reading this.

In these days where nothing is as it seems; where as reported in a previous article, food shortages could be around the corner; perhaps we all need to ask ourselves, what is really going on here?

Let us know what you think.

(For an entertaining look at what is really going on in the world, involving REAL investigative journalism, Kaiho highly recommends subscribing to IPOT's YouTube channel which you can find here.)

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