The onset of this global crisis, has shocked us all. For the first time in history, the entire world shut down; businesses closed, many plunged into poverty, and the fear of a deadly virus swept across nations. Our entire lives as we knew them, changed overnight.

With months shut off from a normal existence, it would be plausible to expect that many during this time have been reflecting on the current situation, and how we ended up here.

Could the deadliest virus really be out there, and are we handling this in the best way possible?

We have had pandemics in the past that statistically had far higher death rates, yet this one requires us to avoid human connection, close down schools, places of worship and businesses, and live isolated and in fear.

Is this all really necessary? What are we missing?

Here at Kaiho, we wish only to acquire all the facts on COVID-19, and provide information gathered over the course of these past months. For as much as we all think we know, there can always be more we are missing, and we are here to help make sense of it together.

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