We live in a world some consider to be a free one, but what does freedom really mean?

When we begin thinking about whether or not we have true freedom, it is automatic to initially think that we do. However, when we dig deeper many injustices start to surface. If we analyze our freedom of opinion and expression, freedom of choice and religion, and freedom of assembly, we realize we aren't free at all.

Living freely is our birthright, yet we seem to be trapped in a hierarchal system built on tyranny and greed.

If we start realizing how much of our freedom has been stolen from us, it can come as an initial shock leaving us filled with emotion. Regardless of how we feel, understanding the world we are in is the very best thing for us all.

Are we really free?

When we can go where we want, do what we want, and support ourselves how we want, it seems we have all we need. However, if we actually stop and think about these things, we see we do not have the luxury of living as we desire at all. This lack of freedom has existed way before this lockdown crisis, it is just more apparent now. We are not free to earn money the way we want to, or fully keep our earnings as we should be entitled. Society is made up of 60 minute time slots in which we are rewarded our prize. By playing by these rules, we unknowingly sell ourselves into slavery.

Slavery is not something we walk into deliberately. It is typically something that happens by means of manipulation or coercion, like being part of a system that has violated our human rights. When humans are born, their birth certificates bind them to a contract. Bound to a system where money unlawfully dictates every aspect of their existence.

The moment you are tied into the system, you do not get to play by your own rules. The moment you sell or exchange your freedom for money, you are not playing a fair game anymore. A system where your tax debt is strategically adapted to always ensure you have just enough. If you play the game well, your participation can be greatly rewarded, but what you lose is the beauty of living a truly free life. So many years given to just working and paying, for a dream of perhaps living freely some time in the future. How precious time is, and should never be wasted for a future we aren't guaranteed.

If you’ve never really spent a lot of time thinking about this concept, it might be a good time to start now. Given the current pandemic situation, we are much more restricted than ever before. It seems quite clear who has the power to dictate how much freedom we are entitled. We deserve a world where we are free to express ourselves, and voice our concerns: one where we have the freedom to live in a fair society and can choose for ourselves. Freedom to decide what we are exposed to, and what is put in our bodies.

Systems are not bad when they are used for structure, and are fair, issues arise when there is an abuse of power within them. Many aspects of life require structure, but all systems should benefit each participant equally. A system run by money, power and control, is not one that benefits all players; one so complex that it spans borders, where nobody is aware of who is truly at the top. A system where the rules are unjust, and there is no integrity or transparency, leading all too easily to this abuse of power.

A system where those in power are strategically appointed by the connections they have., where who they know and who they are willing to give allegiance to, secures their position. A system that was behind many wars that were never started to be won, where money mattered more than anything, and funding both sides ensured only they reaped the benefits and countless lives were lost for all the wrong reasons. The monetary system seems to be the only one being protected. Big networks ruling over humans, that are just trying to exist peacefully.

Freedom from such a system seems far fetched. Or does it?

Let’s go back a few thousand years to the time before internet as we know it existed; a time where communities of people were not part of an international monetary system, judicial system, media networking system, and multi-national corporation system; back to when nature was used as a blueprint for how humans should live, and when freedom was real; back to a time before social media conditioned our minds and allowed anger, fear and comparison to program our perception of the truth; back to a time where true human heart connections were the currency, and fair trade was exactly that; fair. Suddenly freedom from a draconian system doesn't seem far fetched at all, it almost seems like earth was designed for such a system, and is quite possibly attainable once again.

A system where unity, talent, and equality were seen as imperative for health and harmony. based on nature, where balance is achieved by giving, nurturing and receiving, creating a safe space to exchange and support each other. Exploitation and centralization are man-made concepts, aimed at chipping away at your freedom of thought, expression, movement and vitality.

If something inside of you is stirred by these thoughts, spend some more time questioning what freedom means to you and determine who is putting barriers up in the way of your freedom. Restricted human rights can often come in many subtle packages wrapped in shiny ideals and manipulation. This can be the greatest illusion of all.

Imagine all the ways you can have a free life. Freedom to trade, freedom to travel, and freedom to choose what your child is fed or taught in school. Freedom to choose whether or not you vaccinate, and which medicine you choose for their health. Freedom to work on your own timeline, not dictated pre-set schedules that only ever bring wealth to those you serve. Freedom to keep all your earnings, and freedom from enslaving debt. When we think of all we could have, our current lack of freedom suddenly becomes clear. Enslavement has been encroaching on us for centuries, slowly tying us into a very unfair, evil system.

Freedom from tyranny is possible. Freedom to decide exactly what happens to our minds, souls and physical bodies, is at our fingertips. If we pay attention to all that is happening around us, we can see that humanity is attempting to release itself from these captive systems, and you can be part of the release.

Freedom means to simply be; to simply be humans on this planet claiming our birthrights back. Humans who only seek to be abundant, free, healthy and happy.

Delve into the world of freedom, and start the process of liberation and emancipation. The reward is a release from centuries of slavery back to your free soul.

Is there anything we deserve more?

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