The Kaiho Team

Meet the people behind Kaiho.

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Glyn is one of the co-founders of Kaiho. He is a Minister of Universal Law, an ultimate believer in living freely, and is a true force of nature. His life-long devotion to helping others along their journeys, is a testament to his genuine, pure soul. His extensive knowledge in holistic health, leaves him extremely proud of the fact that some conventional medical institutions regard him as a 'quack'! His greatest pleasure is being in a position to support many sick individuals by working with nature and never a pharmaceutical drug in sight!



Dr. Elizabeth is a physician with more than 25 years of clinical experience. For most of her career she believed that conventional medicine was the only effective method of treating illness and injury. Her perspective was radically changed after a patient was cured of a chronic, “incurable” condition with a simple change in belief.



Kris Domitrovits is an Internationally Certified Health Coach who specializes in hormone optimization and restoring vitality through a primal lifestyle and a strong connection with nature.



We have over complicated health. Mark wants to make it simple again.

Suffering is avoidable. Good health should be accessible to everyone and we can all feel better than we feel right now.



A woman who is a jack of many trades, and a master of a few too. From physiotherapist to life coach, yoga nidra instructor to swimming coach, as well as NLP practitioner. She believes and relies on the magical medicine hidden in cacao, breathwork, silliness and spending time in nature.



Cian Prendergast is 16 years old, and has grown up living with his grandma Jo since the age of 7.

"I am the second eldest of 8 siblings (which include step siblings) and I spent many of my growing up years helping and supporting vulnerable and chronically ill family members."



Jane is fascinated by all things connected to living a more natural life - be it food, medicine, spirituality, the environment and all things in between. She is a nutritionist, but her knowledge is very eclectic because she wants to embrace it all!

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