What does Kaiho mean to me?

Kaiho speaks of release. Kaiho hints at liberation. Kaiho loves emancipation.

What do we need releasing from?
Are there things do we need to be liberated from?
What does emancipation even mean?

The narratives and scripts we have been living under for decades, seem to have been designed to enslave us in many ways. In our thoughts, our actions and almost our entire way of being on this planet. Certain financial, governmental, corporate media and judicial systems, have worked together to create pyramid structures of distribution. This hierarchy system creates complete inequality when it comes to the decision-making for all citizens.

These governing systems leave a minority of wealthy individuals to decide for the mass majority what they have access to regarding food, medicine, entertainment, and information. Citizens are vulnerable to compulsory mandates, and are perpetually exposed to damaging EMF's from wireless towers. These technologies not only expose them to harmful levels of radiation, but are used to track and trace them, infringing on their privacy and autonomy. Existing surveillance cameras can take pictures of them on street corners, while satellites track their phones, cars and wristwatches. In some countries they are even personally tracked with implanted microchips.

One can ask themselves, why must we be so heavily tracked?

Microchip implants in humans have already been trialled in places like Sweden and the U.S.

A small group of wealthy people seem to have access to endless resources, giving them unprecedented power and control. The remaining majority live with considerably less wealth and freedom, leaving them powerless in their own lives. It seems like a simple equation to fix. Release the minority from their self-proclaimed duties of control, and release the majority from bondage.

Kaiho means release. What would you like to be released from?

Liberation can be seen as part of a process of attaining equal rights. Equal rights to who and what? Equal rights to all other humans.

Liberation speaks of equal rights and the fact that all humans are born free . The Universal Declaration of Human Rights from 1948, comes to mind here. In 2009, it was the most translated document; in 370 different languages and dialects, and 503 official translations.

The Universal Declaration has received praise as “an international document of the first order of importance”.

Eleanor Roosevelt said... "It may well become the international Magna Carta of all men everywhere”.

In 2005, Pope John Paul II called it “one of the highest expressions of the human conscience of our time”. It was said that it “placed human rights at the center of the framework of principles and obligations, shaping relations within the international community”, but the Vatican never adopted the declaration...

The true liberation intended for humans, all in one document.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights is a 72 year old document

The 30 articles in the document basically states that all countries in the world must recognize the freedom of all humans. It promotes peace and progress. It prevents future crimes against humanity. Simply, it re-iterates our rights against torture, slavery and imprisonment. It highlights political rights such as guaranteeing all humans the right to citizenship of a country. It speaks on freedom of thought, religion and expression. The declaration reminds us of our right to work and to have economic security, as well as speaks of the people's responsibility to create societies where they can exercise their rights. Spiritual and religious rights are also included. Liberation and freedom is our birthright, and comes by honoring this declaration.

Kaiho means Liberation. Are there things we can be liberated from?

Emancipation is the act of setting free from slavery, dependence, and control. Emancipation means freedom from servitude, bondage, and civil restraints. Being freed from all forms of control. Emancipation may mean freedom from certain people and systems, or any aspect of your being that was not free before. Freedom artistically, spiritually, financially, physically, and mentally. Freedom globally, and freedom from evil. Freedom from programming, and any form of subtle or subconscious control.

Kaiho loves emancipation. Would you love more of it, too?





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